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Information Regarding “Digs” for 2017

Months Digs Will Be Held – Dig opportunities begin in April and end on October 31st. Digs will be held rain or shine and no refunds will be made due to inclement weather conditions.

Maximum Number of Collectors – The maximum number of people allowed to go on a public day dig is 30 people. The maximum number of people for a public night dig is 20 people. When filling out reservation forms, please provide us with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of dates. We will notify you as soon as we receive your application of your date.
All applications are considered on first come first serve basis.

Type of Digs – There are two types of digs. The first type is the day dig where you will dig for fluorite and related minerals. The second type is a night dig. On this dig you will collect fluorescent minerals using UV lights. These digs are more rugged as it is dark and hard to walk on the mine dump piles. We highly recommend that children under the age of 12 and people with walking, stability, or night-vision problems not go on these digs.

UV Lights – The museum has two UV lights that can be used during the night dig. However, if you are a serious collector, it is best to bring your own light. Night digs last two hours after we reach the dig site.

Calendar Dates for Public Digs – For the collector’s convenience, we offer both the day and night dig on the same Saturday. For each dig, you will meet at the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum at the times listed below.

Clement Mineral Museum Schedule of Digs for 2017

Date Day Time Night Time

Date                                Day dig start time             Night dig start time

April 29
May 20
June 3* & 4*
June 24
July 22
August 18, 19, & 20 (Eclipse on August 21)
September 23
October 21


*Also, dates of the 10th Annual Ben E. Clement Gem, Mineral, Fossil, and Jewelry Show. There will be no night dig on June 7th.

Private Digs – We will schedule a private dig for a minimum charge of $250.00 for 10 people or less. If there is over 10 people then the charge will be $25.00 per person. A deposit of $100.00 is required to schedule a private dig.

Cost – The cost of a day dig is $25.00 per person (Children age 7 and under, no charge with a paid adult. All children must be supervised .  If they are not supervised properly, you will be asked to watch them closer if you do not watch them closer you will be asked to take the child and leave the dig site).  For that price you can collect 1 – 5 gallon bucket of material.  Each additional bucket you collect will be $20.00.   The cost for the night dig is $40.00 per person.  This too is for 1 – 5 gallon bucket of material.  Each additional bucket for the night dig will be $30.00.

What to bring – If you are a rockhound, please bring your usual digging tools. If not here are a few suggestions: geology/rock hammer, 2 lb shop hammer, small shovel, 5 gallon bucket, small pry bar/long screwdriver, soft bristled scrub brush, and whatever you feel comfortable digging with. I also, recommend bringing a change of clothes or something to cover your car seats because most people get dirty.

To reserve a date, please do the following:

If you have a computer, go to our website at www.clementmineralmuseum.org and
do the following.
Print and fill out a reservation form.
2. Send in the reservation form(s) with the total fee to Ben E. Clement Mineral
Museum, P.O. Box 391, Marion, KY 42064

If you do not have a computer please call the museum at (270)965-4263 and we will gladly mail you the information.

Refund Policy – A refund will only be given if a person notifies the museum of cancellation 7 days before the date of the dig. The refund will either be a voucher for another dig or a $25.00 gift certificate to the gift shop.

We will take checks, money orders, and cashier checks. Do not send cash!

We wish everyone a very prosperous and enjoyable weekend and we all look forward to your visit and getting to know you. Drive safely coming and when going home …..we want you here this year and back the next.. Please know that we are all working very hard for everyone’s success and enjoyment on the dig.

The Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum Staff and Board


What's Happening:

  • This mineral show scheduled for Fall 2020 has been canceled.


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